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What is Fusion BBQ

Fu⬝sion - Bar⬝be⬝cue
/fyooZHen/ - /barbe kyoo/
Barbecue that combines a diverse cuisine of regional and global flavors

Based in River Falls, Wisconsin, Smokey Treats BBQ is dedicated to serving globally inspired dishes that are mixed with the freshest local ingredients. Have a bite of our dishes and “Experience barbeque like never before!”


Our Fusion BBQ

We feature ethnic and globally inspired flavors that infuse our slow-smoked meats, grilled burgers, and more. The term fusion comes from our concept of taking modern and classic dishes and adding our spin by combining global flavors with local ingredients.

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Our Mission

We pride ourselves in providing quality food with an emphasis on local products and ingredients to create an experience of exciting flavors, bringing memories through taste. We enjoy partnering with neighborhood businesses to bring people together through food.

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Who We Are

We are not your traditional barbecue joint. We hand-trim our meats with great care and season them with only the best ingredients made locally from Croix Valley Foods. The meat is slow-smoked for 12-14 hours before being hand-pulled or sliced. Combine that delicious slow-smoked flavor with all of our incredibly diverse ingredients and that is Smokey Treats Fusion BBQ.


Our Partners

Croix Valley Sauces and Seasonings, Ellsworth Creamery, and Lift Bridge Brewing are just some of the neighborhood businesses we work with to bring people together through food.

Connect With Us

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